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Linda Malloy | President & Ceo

LLM Placements has provided exceptional staffing solutions to leading corporations and major government agencies since 2005. As a premier staffing solutions firm founded in Washionton, D.C. by Linda Malloy, LLM Placements is a leader in providing Healthcare Services, Administrative Services and Information Technology (IT) Services. 

As president of LLM Placements, LLC (LLM), I’ve blended my experiences into LLM’s underlying philosophy to:


Use a personal touch to build long-term relationships with the businesses we serve.



Understand our clients’ unique business needs and staffing requirements. 


Proactively provide the right solutions to our clients at the right time. 


Provide clients with the training, tools, and resources needed to keep up with technology.

Our Mission Starts With Yours

We are dedicated to maintaining our outstanding reputation based on solid principles grounded in sound ethics and values. Our mission is to provide top quality talent to our Government and Commercial clients. Included in that mission is to provide each LLM client with superior customer service- service that sets us apart from any other Healthcare, Administrative and IT Services staffing company. 

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