LLM Placements

LLM Placements is a government contracting firm with extensive experience in rapidly locating, sourcing, evaluating and interviewing candidates in a variety of specialized positions. LLM Placements specializes in finding critical care resources in the areas of physiology and psychology in support of America's "Wounded Warriors," Veterans, and their families. >> read more

Why Select LLM Placements?

Unlike other recruiting firms, LLM Placements focuses primarily on one core niche—the medical and healthcare industry—in particular Department of Defense.

Our strategic location within the Metropolitan Washington area enables our firm to provide clients with on-site support and a pool of qualified candidates in one of the most densely, highly-educated workforces in the country.

We have a rigorous candidate screening process which includes reference checks, quality assurance and safety measures designed to pinpoint the right healthcare professional to fulfill our clients’ critical needs.

Our 24-7 Rapid Response Line: Staffing Support on Demand

Need a physician, radiologist, or dental hygienist now? Just call the LLM Placements 24-7 Rapid Response line and we will assist you with same-day placement of qualified professionals to meet your urgent requirements. We have the fastest response time of any HR firm in the DC metro area!
Rapid Response Line: (202) 669-0663

Exemplary Candidates and Contractors

Applying its own in-house resume database of proven professionals who have already passed its stringent criteria for quality, LLM Placements simultaneously scours dozens of other sources of candidate referrals and exclusive medical job boards seeking the perfect personnel to meet your specialized needs. We can locate and procure job candidates and contractors to help you that other staffing and recruiting agencies don’t even know about.

Contact us—Anytime!

Let LLM Placements identifies the perfect candidate for your opening today. Whether you need medical equipment operators, radiologists, pharmacists, nurses, elder care workers, or other specialists, our firm has a pool of candidates waiting to assist with your healthcare needs with minimum notice.

You can count on us to provide superior personnel faster than any other HR firm in the DC area.